Fashion Photographer - Based in Panamá City

Frank Ugel was born in Venezuela. At a very young age Frank began capturing the beauty of people, friends, places and their cultures throughout the world as he traveled with his family. He started his career in 2009 when he opened his own studio in Venezuela.

In 2014 he moved to Panama to continue as a fashion photographer showing his love for couture and especially his love for female beauty.

Clients & Publications:

– Ellements Magazine, NYC.
– PROMO Magazine, NYC.
– JMG Lifestyle Magazine, LA.
– PUMP Magazine, Beverly Hills, CA.
– ELEGANT Magazine, Hemet, CA.
– Revista Escapes, Panamá.
– Timberland, Panamá.
– Kicks, Panamá.
– Keds, Centroamérica.

Get in touch

Vía España, Panamá City.

(507) – 3884652 / 6210-6004